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State Building Group (SBG) Privacy Policy

At SBG, we value your business and respect your right to privacy.

When registering at our sales offices or visiting our websites, 本局从个人收集个人资料,并承诺保护个人私隐. SBG asks for and maintains information on its visitors and clients to provide a better, more personal experience and to promote special offers.

We want you to feel secure about any private information that you provide to us, and have therefore outlined our Privacy Policy below. The following discloses the personal information collection, use and disclosure practices of SBG.

For the purposes of this Statement, “personal information” means information that is personally identifiable to individuals. “Non-identifiable information” 指无法与特定个人关联或追踪到特定个人的信息.

How and when SBG collects personal information

1. SBG collects personal information from individuals on a voluntary basis through surveys, contest entry forms, registration forms, questionnaires and transaction documents both online and offline. The personal information includes contact information (for example, name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number), demographic information, household information, preference information and transaction-related information.

Use of personal information by SBG

2. SBG uses personal information that it collects for the following:

  • To communicate with individuals
  • To understand individual needs
  • To promote and offer products, services and special offers that meet individual needs or that might be of interest to individuals
  • 为个人提供所要求的产品或服务,或作为SBG对其客户持续服务的一部分
  • To conduct, process and complete transactions with SBG customers

这些信息也使我们能够开发和定制我们的产品和服务,以更好地满足客户的需求和偏好. SBG may, from time to time, contact individuals by electronic format, regular mail or telephone for any of the purposes set out above.

Disclosure of personal information by SBG

3. SBG does not sell, rent or trade personal information that it collects. 除非在以下情况下,本行不会故意向任何第三方披露个人资料:

  • 当SBG已获得同意或在收集个人资料时所具体描述的有限情况下这样做;
  • When SBG, in good faith, believes the law permits or requires such disclosure;
  • 仅为上文第2段所述之目的,向SBG公司集团内的附属及关联公司提供. 除了上文第2段所述的目的外,这些附属及关联公司及其各自的雇员不得将个人资料用于任何其他目的.
  • To its agents, professional advisors, promotional and marketing agencies, and to any other Third Parties in order to complete transactions, to process data and to service customers. 这些第三方及其各自的雇员仅被提供为履行其已签订的服务所必需的个人信息,并且被限制将这些个人信息用于除上文第2段所述以外的任何其他目的.
  • In the event of the sale of SBG, personal information may be one of the transferred business assets.

Retention of personal information by SBG

4. 在此期间,个人资料不再需要在本隐私声明或其他法定要求的目的, such personal information will be made anonymous or destroyed.

Collection, use and disclosure of non-identifiable information

5. SBG收集和使用非识别信息,以评估网站内容和流量的有效性. 这使得SBG可以通过简化访问者浏览这些站点的能力和开发访问者感兴趣的特色节目和内容来提高其管理的网站的访问质量. 汇总的非识别信息被用来执行统计分析的集体特征和行为的个人, and to measure demographics and interests.

6. SBG还利用其收集的非识别信息汇总,告知其当前和未来的赞助商和广告商其网站的访问量, 这些访客的人口统计特征,以及访客浏览和“点击”其广告的次数。. SBG还向广告商披露了谁有可靠的网赌软件“点击”他们广告的访问者的总体统计数据. 汇总的非识别信息可用于向第三方(如潜在的业务合作伙伴和金融机构)描述ssg服务和产品. In any of these circumstances, only non-identifiable information in an aggregate form and not personal information is disclosed.

Web sites operated by third parties

7. Web sites operated by SBG may contain links to other web sites that may collect personal information. This Statement does not extend to the data collection, disclosure, 这些第三方的使用和保留惯例,SBG并不对这些惯例承担任何责任, policies or actions of such third parties. Individuals should read the privacy policies of such third parties, 并根据第三方的隐私惯例和个人裁量权,在知情的情况下决定是否访问该等网站和/或向该等第三方提供个人信息.

Safeguarding personal information

8. 保安局已在适当情况下采取措施,保障个人资料的保安及机密性. Personal information is stored in confidential databases and locations in the Greater Toronto Area. These sites have appropriate security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of personal information under the care and control of SBG. Any information transmitted via the Internet, however, may be intercepted by third parties. SBG does not assume any liability for interception, alteration or misuse of information transmitted over the Internet. 除根据本声明所收集的个人资料外,本会雇员不得使用及披露本会所收集的个人资料.

Accessing personal information

9. Individuals have the right to access, verify and correct or amend all of their personal information collected by SBG. SBG believes that it is imperative that personal information be as accurate, complete and up to date as is necessary for the purposes for which it is collected. Accordingly, to help SBG keep personal information as current as possible, 本局鼓励个人在有需要时,修正本局所收集的个人资料中不准确之处及作出更正. To access verify and correct or amend personal information, please send an email to the Privacy Officer at SBG at or call at .

How to File a Complaint

10. To file a complaint with SBG concerning the collection, use and/or disclosure of personal information, please send an email to the Privacy Officer at SBG at or call at . 在实际情况下,所有投诉均会尽快由保安局私隐主任调查. 投诉调查的结果将清楚而迅速地通知个人,并将因投诉而采取或将采取的任何相关步骤通知个人.

Withdrawal of Consent

11. Individuals always have the choice whether or not they wish to supply SBG with personal information. 希望“选择不”接受本局某些资讯及宣传资料或以其他方式反对收集的人士, use and disclosure policies as provided under this Privacy Statement, are asked to contact the Privacy Officer at SBG by email at or call . 在其他情况下,如在某些促销邮件中,也提供选择退出的机会. 个人谨此提醒,本私隐声明或该等个人与本行之间的任何协议所提供的保留个人资料或反对使用及/或披露个人资料的决定, may, in certain instances, 限制他们完成购买SBG产品和服务的能力,并限制他们访问或利用某些促销和功能的能力. 您的个人信息只能在您同意的情况下获得和使用,根据情况可能表示或暗示您的同意.

Comments and questions

12. Any comments or questions about this Statement, should be addressed to SBG as follows:

By mail:
2700 Dufferin St., Unit 34
Toronto, Ontario M6B 4J3
Attention: Privacy Officer

By phone:

Effective date of Statement

13. This Statement has been adopted by SBG as of July 1, 2016. Revisions to the Statement will be posted on as soon as practical.